Friday, July 23, 2010

The Beginning

I started my family blog Capturing the Days in Feb 2009 to try to document our family life and the funny (or not so funny) moments of being a mom.  Then, I started finding friends who had blogs.  From there, I clicked on links to blogs that they read and more links to more blogs and found a whole new world of interesting people and stories on the internet.

I discovered wonderful crafty and decorating blogs...very creative and inspirational people.  I found decorating tips and organizing tips and ways to decorate and be creative while still being thrifty.  And amazing tutorials for sewing just about anything.  I was inspired and decided to try a couple crafts and pulled out the sewing machine for the first time in 8 years.

Somehow, I stumbled across the Moda Bake Shop and found a whole new world of crafts - beautiful fabric and great tutorials for using that fabric.  I decided my next project would be a quilt.  I had a new niece about to be born and decided my first quilt would be for her.  I found out what the theme of her nursery was and found some fabric to match...and started creating my first quilt.

I blogged about the first quilt on my family blog but since then I have created a couple more, with plans for even more.  And now I will blog about my quilts from here.

I have a blogroll of quilting blogs that I read and what these women can create with more kids and jobs and  way more things to do than me, is amazing.  That's just to say that progress on here may be a lot slower at times than other quilting blogs, but I will be enjoying the process and sharing what I've created when I'm ready.