Sunday, December 12, 2010


Despite any posts to show any progress lately, I have done more quilt making this month than all year I think but they're Christmas presents.  And now, I have one quilt left to make and I need to have it done this week.  But I seriously miscalculated how much fabric I have.  I thought I had 120 5" squares.  I only have 72.  A combination of really wishful thinking and being tired I guess.  This is not enough for the lap quilt I wanted to make.    It's a really cute baby quilt right now but I'm not giving it to a baby.  I'm thinking about adding sashing but I really don't want to.  So, I'm disgusted and can't make a decision and it makes me not want to do anything else either, like the 100 Christmas cards waiting to be sent out or preparing for what's going to be a crazy week.

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